My Screenwriting to Novel Learning Curve: Pt.1 “Shape & Structure”

Aside from a zillion other people who have read a lot of great Fantasy, my only frame of reference for diving into the novel writing world has been that of a Screenwriter, which is no small thing. Screenwriting takes a great deal of craft. Many have tried to say that a screenplay is simply a set of directions for how a film or TV show is to be shot. A recipe, if you will. I think they’re wrong. A person having read a well crafted script should come away feeling the same sense of story emersion as they would having read a well crafted novel. I say this fully aware that there is a dimension of story that a screenwriter can’t convey with the same depth as a Novelist. The dimension of the mind and its thought processes. On the other hand, I believe the well crafted screenplay can go visually where the novel cannot, but that’s a different subject. Anyway, this entry isn’t about the advantage of one over the other but, rather, the learning curve and the lessons it demands in order to transition from script writing (screenwriting in particular) to writing a novel. Full disclaimer, all the observation apply to me and none may apply to you. I’m simply sharing what my personal thought processes have been, and in no way am I claiming these are the challenges/processes all will face. If they are, I hope sharing my experience will help you.