Crossing Rivers

Crossing Rivers is a screenplay for an independent film I wrote that is presently in the funding stage. The odd thing for me is the screenplays I write that seem to get the most traction toward production early on (and not being dealt the death by a thousand little slices in some dissatisfied, rather-be-writing, development execs office) are straight Dramas (though Park Day does have fantastical elements). Crossing Rivers explores one pivitol moment when two flawed individuals worlds collide. We examine the depths of their individual challenges and, ultimately, the hope of their mutual triumph. Crossing Rivers follows two men with an entwined, violent history, one just released from prison for killing the others brother. On a torrential Missouri night, their lives collide once again.  The events that follow challenge both to their core and ask the question, “what’s the appropriate price of change.”

As with nearly every screenplay I’ve written, I continue to strongly consider novelizing the story. Though I think the screenplay is strong (and constantly improving), there is a level of depth and richness in the story that could only be mined in manuscript form.

For more info on Crossing Rivers, Click Here



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