I grew up on a steady diet of Tolkien, Brooks, Donaldson, Le Guin and several others. Before them, I dabbled in Lloyd Alexander, but like many, it was Tolkien that set the fire. After that, I had always imagined that I would be writing Fantasy at some point. I simply found those created worlds too irresistible, losing myself weeks and months in Middle Earth or The Land. At that time, however, it wasn’t “cool” to like those books–at least not within the circles I ran. Back then, anyone with a love of Fantasy literature was immediately pegged as a D&D geek (which I was that also, but somewhat “in the closet” about it. Somewhere around here I still have my stats on “Nacestane'”, a 14th level Elven Magic User/Assassin with several pet Wyvern, and he will fry your ass at the drop of a dime). But getting older, you pretty much stop giving a damn what anyone thinks of your reading list. I had another love back then too. Acting. So eventually winding up in Hollywood, I found myself sucked into the gravitational pull of screenwriting. As a result, instead of cranking out fantasy masterpiece after masterpiece, I find myself utterly dependent on a host of others to have my vision any where near realized–others, whose true sensibilities are not necessarily speculative fiction “friendly.” So, it’s time to truly begin my foray into the world of fiction.

All this to say that, other than screenwriting, I have no fiction writing to my credit. No extensive bibliography. None. I do however have several fiction projects that I’m VERY passionate about, two of which I’m actively working on– “The Last,” and “Evil Remains.”   Though I started writing Evil Remains first, I decided to set it aside and develop “The Last.” You can find out more about both projects from their submenus under the “Fiction” menu heading. I count myself blessed. Several up and coming Spec-fiction writers have already befriended me and have welcomed me into the community. I intend to repay their generosity by delivering the very best work I can.

A writer (TV Writer) friend of mine said he didn’t necessarily like writing, but he loved “having written.” I think most writers can’t relate to that sentiment to one degree or another. Though I deeply enjoy the process of crafting these stories, I can’t wait to “have written” them, if for no other reason than to take you on this journey and hear your reactions for good or for ill.


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