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“Waiting to inhale… the Crap”

Despite my noobish delusions of grandeur at having accomplished something and my over-zealous, dog with a bone, temperament toward all the flair and conceits contain within my own writing, performances, etc…, I’ve had to face the sad cruel fact that, professionally, everything I do is crap. …At least initially.



Welcome to the Writing of Sterling R Macer Jr.

Here you will find general info, journal entries and updates on various writing projects, both narrative prose and screenplays and the joys and pains of the writing process. The slide show above (if it’s working properly) displays a little eye candy from projects–past, present and upcoming. Oh, and be sure to check out the RSS feed from Just scroll down to the footer. I haven’t look into mirroring from my blog there and don’t know when I’ll get to it. Most of what I write there is more philosophical in nature and/or pertains more directly to the Entertainment Industry.

The first few Posts below are references to the projects that are my most immeditate focus. They’re posted and stuck to the front page as blog entries because that’s the only way to get the graphics associated with them in the slide show above. Once the template I’m using doesn’t require them to be on the front page, the best ways to access them will likely be in the “Fiction” or “Screenwriter” menus or Sidebar. Anyway, Please join in and comment on any post you like. Feel free to reach out to and contact me via email: or Follow @SterlingMacer on Twitter.

“Park Day”

For Park Day info, please see the “Park Day” page.

“Crossing Rivers”

For Crossing Rivers info, please see the “Crossing Rivers” page.

“Evil Remains”

For info on my “up-coming-in-the-hopefully-not-to-distant-future” Mythic Fantasy-horror novel, please check the “Evil Remains” page.